I like to write about decorating projects and remembrances of my childhood on Balaclava St.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winters Passed

Well, it is no news to anyone that this winter has out-stayed its allotted time frame and, like a demanding house guest, doesn't know when it is time to leave. Even though I have been leaving huge hints: put away the snow shovel, took down all the wintry outside decor, etc. etc. As a rule, I welcome the change of seasons and enjoy the scents and sights they bring, though nowadays winter disappoints somewhat. 

As a child, winter brought its own particular smell. Baby boomer kids played outside a lot, in all kinds of weather and the scent of wet wool socks is a huge memory trigger to winters long passed.  Ditto for the smell of just removed ice skates, hot chocolate, and the sweet odour of icy cold fresh air on my skin. I no longer have those signposts that trigger affection for winter. 
I wish those memories, scents and feelings of winter could have stayed with me, remained the paramount lodestars of winter. Winter that last too long nowadays feels like loss. All of the miserable things that have happened in my life took place in winter, with the exception of the birth of my first-born. Once that date has passed, winter should bow out and let the promise of renewal work its magic on my soul.  

I know spring is coming  and I'm ready for it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A White Room

It has been ages since I posted here but felt the urge, recently. Probably because I feel like I've been imprisoned by the weather, and so have the time.

Recent events in my life have inspired me to have an all white bedroom. Since my house is so very colourful, there was nowhere in it that gave me that empty canvas, sanatorium feeling I was craving....kind of a metaphor for the empty mind I was working to achieve while dealing with grief.

My lovely friend and zen master, Tom gifted me with the paint job, so a hunter green room became the all white cloud I was envisioning.

A minimum of B&W accents with a touch of aqua and pink and the end result was just what I wanted.

My house is a crappy little war-time house, but I do what I can with paint and accessories to make it my own special place.  I am blessed to have good friends who contribute to the cause.

I wish I was one of those people who could exist with an all white room holding nothing in it but a bed, but I'm not. This is the closest I can get! If I had tons of space, though, I would do that.  Just a white bed in the centre of a white room, with white gauzy curtains.

That's it for now!