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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shades of Grey

 As we age our eyesight changes; we reluctantly and furtively slink over to the section of the store featuring the bi-focal frames. This eyesight problem is maddening to me. To not be able to read anything without first locating my glasses - (are they in my purse? on my desk? on my head? in the fridge? gggrrrrr!!) - is the sort of inconvenience I don't want to make time for. It is humbling and embarrassing; a constant reminder that time marches on and I am closer to the Finish line than the Start.

 But I have noticed a curious aspect of aging: as my eyesight diminishes in actuality, it has improved philosophically. Where I once saw the world in black and white, my lenses now predominantly behold various shades of grey. My personal convictions are clenched just as firmly as in the past....the difference is that I now possess fewer of them. I am more amenable to seeing both sides of a situation...less apt to be intractable in my stance on a cherished belief...more respectful of the other's point of view.
Each person's Truth is filtered through their experiences and no two people share the exact same experiences in life. What is 'black' for me can be 'white' for someone else.

 I have found that aging bestows unseen gifts on us even as it takes away those that are obvious. A kinder, more charitable view of the world makes it possible to accept the unwelcome changes in one's own body. And while I don't appreciate the shades of grey in my hair, I embrace them in my considerations.


  1. So true, Jeannie! Someday I'll be saying "A wise woman once told me..." and I'll be quoting you.


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